Rejuvenate and Repair Your Skin
With Our CBD Skin Care Products

Hemp CBD Skin Care Products

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, it is full cannabinoid receptors making CBD Hemp Extract for Skin Care an ideal choice to aide with the many different skin conditions that exist.

Healthy skin depends on the capacity of the body to develop fresh cells and discard those that are dead. Our endocannabinoid system can trigger the development of fresh skin cells generating radiant young looking skin.

cvBotanticals uses natural ingredients to bring out the very best CBD has to offer for your skin. We use complementary ingredients high in vitamins, nutrients and essential minerals to enhance the appearance of your skin. Our products are fast absorbing,high moisturizing and have the ability to repair skin affected from inflammatory issues.

  • Non Psychoactive
  • Meets all Federal Regulations
  • Lab Tested + Quality Assurance
  • 100% Naturally Derived from Hemp
  • Natural Plant Botanicals
  • Healthy Natural Alternative

Acne + Rosacea + Eczema and More

We can not make the claim that CBD for Skin Care cures a specific ailment, if used properly it can support the following:

• Antioxidants – Protection from free radicals that cause wrinkles and fine lines
• Age Rejuvenation- Generation of new cells to create healthy-looking skin at any age
• Anti-Inflammatory- Many skin conditions such as eczema + rosacea are the result of inflammation, CBD is an effective tool to combat inflammation in the body -including the skin
• Acne- Reducing the overproduction of lipids in the skin cells, CBD can be effective in treating oily skin conditions

  1. Promoting Healthy Skin
  2. Combating Inflammatory Skin Issues

Suggested Uses for CBD Skin Care

Here is a sample list of who may benefit

Everyone, rejuvenating Healthy Skin Cells at any age
Eczema + Rosacea Sufferers, Supporting anti inflammatory issues
Acne prone individuals; reducing the oil production, reducing inflammation
Dry Skin conditions; Our high moisturizing creams, lotions, and salves reduce dryness

Our Skin Care Formulation

Rejuvenate Moisturizer

• Reduction in Wrinkles and Fine lines
• Restoration and Repair
• Skin Inflammatory Issues
• Great for the Face and Neck

Repair + Relax Salve

• Effective Subdermal Properties
• Muscle Tension
• Joint Discomfort
• Skin Inflammatory Issues