CBD Oil for Pain, Aches, Anxiety and More

Hemp CBD Oil For Pain

We use natural terpenes found in the hemp plant known to support a sense of calm, pain management, and inflammation* in combination with CBD to provide you with relief so you can have balance in your daily life. Our formulations are THC free so no psychoactive effects occur.

Our Relief formulations can support you in easing discomfort, inflammation and providing a sense of calmness. Our CBD Hemp RELIEF product line is targeted using natural ingredients.

cvBotanicals Hemp Extract uses the whole plant- we extract the many beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant- cannabinoids CBC, CBD, CBN and the various terpenes and flavonoids that have their own unique health benefits*.

All these compounds work together to harness the entourage effect- delivering a more complete health and wellness supplement.

  • Non Psychoactive
  • Meets all Federal Regulations
  • Lab Tested + Quality Assurance
  • 100% Naturally Derived from Hemp
  • Natural added Terpenes targeted to help you
  • All the Health benefits of CBD

Aches + Pains, Anxiety and More

We can not make the claim that CBD cures a specific ailment, if taken properly it can support the following:

• Ease Discomfort: Support the body’s response to pain, helping reduce acute and continued response
• Reduce Cramps: Smooth muscle contractions targeting muscle receptors
• Sense of Calm: Improve your mental functioning by curbing an overactive adrenal reaction and allowing your body to adapt more readily to stressful circumstances

  • Sense of Calm and Focus
  • Relief from Everyday Stress
  • Manage your Discomfort

CBD for Relief

Here is a sample list of who may benefit

Those suffering from an anxious state of mind
Joint pain that never goes away, a natural remedy
Muscle aches and pains, get some relief
Women suffering from monthly cramps

Our Relief Formulations


• Relieve Aches and muscle tension
• Sense of Calm and Focus
• Healthy Recovery from Exercise
• Inflammation Issues


• Faster- Greater Absorption
• CBD + Turmeric
• Supports PMS Symptoms
• Anti- Inflammatory Properties

Repair + Relax Hemp CBD Salve

• Effective Subdermal Properties
• Muscle Tension
• Joint Discomfort
• Skin Inflammatory Issues